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  • Member: OtakuForLife
  • Studio: Aida Works
  • Title: Anime Boston IC MATCH I VS Dokool (WIN)
  • Premiered: 2004-04-12
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  • Song:
    • The Pillows Hybrid Rainbow
  • Anime:
  • Comments: We, decide 5-6 hours before the event started to hold and Iron Chief contest
    at Anime Boston and had 2 hours to make the video and 30 an hour to rip
    the VOBS (which was later extended do-to Henratta's technical spec issues
    VS Big Blue) The contest was supposed to be sealed DVD IC (I never stated this), I just
    put in the stipulation that "it had to be bought in the Dealers Room at the con
    itself" and "No Angry White Rock". We did these videos in a matter of hours
    my "little computer that could, Henratta" VS "The Audio Impared, Big Blue"
    the exporting had diffaculties (Due to the fact I was trying to export the whole
    timeline instead of the part that was done :() So, in-the-end the little guy won
    this first round by about a point and half. Even with the videos techincal glitchs...
    I spiecal thanks to all the non-Partical Panelists. Which was like a trip
    down memory lane sense they showed me alot of new things in the past.
    Mckeed and Jbone (with timers and cut boxing). Ok, here's exactly unedited
    what everyone saw.

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