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  • Member: rfblues
  • Studio: RFBlues Productions
  • Title: Cowboy Blues
  • Premiered: 2001-02-14
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  • Song:
    • The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony
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  • Comments: November 2000, I was nearing the height of my Cowboy Bebop fandom and inspired by anime music videos produced by Aluminum Studios I decided to take a shot at it myself. It took me four months to complete the video. The process was a lot of fun and at the time I was reasonably satisfied with the final product, my first forray into video editing. However, despite support from friends and family, it took just one review from a veteran anime music video editor to quell my enthusiasm.

    The video was, frankly, not quite in-sync with the song. Though my goal was to examine and appreciate every facet of Spike, the mood was inconsistent and the action did not flow with any sense of coherency. Worst of all, the video suffered from a few bouts of unintentional lip-syncing, a convention I personally loathe unless the video is intended to be completely comical.

    I put it off for almost four years but eventually, I re-edited it.

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