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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: jasper-isis studio
  • Title: Forbidden Memories
  • Premiered: 2004-04-09
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    • Van Craven Time In A Bottle (Piano Adaptation)
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  • Comments: UPDATE: I have completed a remake of this video. If you have never seen this video before, please download the new version instead of this one. :)

    _______ __ __ _ _ _ _

    If I could save time in a bottle
    The first thing that I'd like to do
    Is to save every day
    Till Eternity passes away
    Just to spend them with you

    This video tells the tragic side story of Hatori and Kana from Fruits Basket. It contains major spoilers, but you'll be fine if you've seen past episode 8 of the series, as all the footage in this AMV was taken from that episode.

    Why use only one episode? Well, I'm working on a old Pentium-II with only 3 gigabytes of free space on my biggest hard drive. One episode of raw footage was all I had space for.

    I tried my best to match the emotions in the anime to the tone of the music. I wanted something short, simple, and bittersweet, something that flowed seamlessly from start to finish. In the end, I had to make about five cuts in the music so that the AMV wouldn't be dragged out. I feel that I did pretty well, and I'm happy with my results.

    Even if you don't like or have never seen Fruits Basket, I recommend still getting this AMV for the music. Van Craven is an amazing pianist. =) Let me make one thing clear though, if you've never seen the anime: in the last scene, the man does not kill the woman!! I don't know how many people have asked me about that...

    Enjoy the video! Opinions are always welcome, but do be nice. It's my first AMV after all.

    _______ __ __ _ _ _ _

    UPDATE: This video will be part of the Instrumentality: Animasia project. Please check out the project for animated commentaries and AMV's made by other talented creators!

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