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  • Member: Sanosuke6988
  • Studio: -=DaBlackGoku=-
  • Title: Full Metal Alchemist - Tallon Tribute
  • Premiered: 2004-04-08
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    • SuperHax0r88 Tallon Tribute
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  • Comments: Alright, so I've had the idea of using my own music in an amv for quite some time, but I haven't had the inspiration to do it until TallonKarde23 came and opened my eyes. This video is not for the weak of heart, and I suggest that no afro-americans view it unless they are prepared to be insulted. Other than that, go ahead and watch it =). By the way, this vid took me about an hour to make, so I don't wanna hear anything about the subtitles that didn't get cropped all the way, that meant an extra 10 minutes of work, and I didn't feel like it. Also, if you like my guitar playing, donate some money through paypal, so I can get a new guitar.

    Yo, you motherf**kers must be out of yo minds.
    I'll f**king beat your asses and clean it up with turpentine.
    Trippin all over the org like you're the f**king king,
    Well I've got news for you
    B*tch the f**k up n*gga!
    That's right!
    B*tch the f**k!
    You ain't no match for tallon so
    B*tch the f**k up N*GGA!

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