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  • Member: Takefuji
  • Studio: <*~*~*AMV's By Takefuji *~*~*>
  • Title: Requiem - Various Anime AMV
  • Premiered: 2004-04-07
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  • Song:
    • Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
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  • Comments: God, somebody needs to sue Microsoft and get them to fix the bloody program. Movie Maker freezes every single time you try to do something. >_<

    I really like how this video turned out. But, that could be because I like the music too much. Hey, I like LOTR. Deal with it. ^^; Yeesh, this is like my second video with this music . . .

    I put a lot of animes into this video. Pretty much everything I had on my computer o.O

    I definetly had fun with this. Editing the clips so that they timed right with the music was a pain, though. But I worked hard, and I think I got all the timing right. Minus that one GW clip . . . little off of what I wanted it to be, but oh well.

    When using a bunch of anime in music videos, its kinda hard to tell what anime's that you haven't used enough of. I really gotta bounce them around. I think I overdid it a little bit with the X clips, but I never noticed until after the video was finished. Also, there really isn't a lot of Gundam clips. Its pretty much 3 really short clips. So if you're a huge Gundam fan and that's all you're d/l this video for . . . ur gonna be disappointed . . .

    I warped several versions of the song together to make the basic track for this vid. The original was 6 1/2 min long, and there was no way I would be able to finish the video without driving myself insane. So I combined I think 3 different versions of this song and came up with the main track. Proud of it ^_^

    The beginning is more calm clips to fit the music, and then goes into more fighting and dramatic scenes when the music gets upbeat. X really seems to suit the music more, I think.

    It was near the end of the video that I realized "Hey . . . I'm putting YYH clips in here, and I've got Yusuke and Kurama . . . there's no Hiei clips . . . " ^^; Heh, so I added a really short Hiei clip in the end. He's in there, no worries.

    At the very end of the song, there's really quick drumbeats that I have clips timed up to almost perfectly. Keyword being almost. But with the first two clips I used, (from episode 56 of YYH, second half of Kurama vs Karasu, I used the clip with the plant attacking Karasu and the clip of Kurama summoning the plant) the clip doesn't play, and it looks like I took two screenshots. I didn't, they were supposed to be really short split-second clips so that you could see the plant being summoned and Karasu freaking out. But it looks like screenshots . . . wonder why?

    And unfortunatley, the clips I used from the YYH movie are pretty bad quality. Kinda gives the rest of the video a half-assed look to it. But I ain't fixing it, too lazy.

    Quality above average, timing good, absolutely no subtitles, huzzah. Please download, watch, and leave opinions. Luv ya!

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