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  • Member: LooneyJared
  • Studio: Saiya-jin Ferret productions
  • Title: The Pirate King of Siam
  • Premiered: 2004-04-07
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    • Family Guy Peter Griffin Presents: The King and I
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  • Comments: Heh. This vid is a couple firsts for me. First, it is the first serious effort i made towards lip syncing a vid, and although it causes a couple glitches at points, it came off well. Also, its the first vid i was able to cut the subtitles out of.

    In case you dont recall the audio, it is from the Family Guy episode "The king is dead", in which Peter takes over a production of the King and I. The idea just sorta slowly formed in my head. In this vid:

    Peter: Monkey D. Luffy. (One Piece)
    Lois: Sakura (Naruto)
    Meg: Ino (Naruto)
    Chris: Chouji (Naruto)
    Brian(King): Buggy the Clown (One Piece)

    Hmmm, i wish i had a place to put a Stewie in. OH well.

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