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  • Member: Sir_Lagsalot
  • Title: Gatts - Cloud Connected
  • Premiered: 2004-04-06
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    • In Flames Cloud Connected (Club Connected Remix)
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  • Comments: This video took a long time to make. I got the idea in early December and started working on it half-way through the month. I chipped away at it, and have finally gotten the video the way I want roughly 4 months later. However, the time spent on the video definitely shows, and I am very pleased with the results.

    I made this video to play and experiment with digital effects. Prior to this video, I had done a lot of work programming stuff that worked with digital video and images, and I wanted to use that in an actual video. There are several effects in the video which I think I can safely say that no one else has done in an AMV. Even though I was focusing more on using unique digital effects, no effect was simply thrown in because I could; if I added an effect, it was because I felt it added to the video. I hope you will enjoy this video.

    There are no spoilers in the video, but there is a lot of violence and blood (Its Berserk after all), and heavy use of digital effects.

    This video received an Honorable Mention for Technical Achievement at the Anime Central 2004 AMV Contest.

    Programs used:

    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    DVD Decryptor
    Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    Paint Shop Pro 8
    MS Paint

    Adobe Premiere 6.5

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