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  • Member: DCT
  • Studio: DCT productions
  • Title: K.E.LP
  • Premiered: 2004-04-05
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    • Evanescence feat. Linkin Park Eternal Krawling
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  • Comments: Sep. 29, 04 UPDATE:
    I should have explained this earlier, when I was making this video, it was in MM2. I had to do alot to get the transitions that I did get because, MM2 only offers one video layer and one music layer.
    When I was nearly finshed with this video I made a big mistake. It was a save that overwrote a file and this caused a big problem because, I had to choose to have a very good intro or a bad second half. I made the second half of the video better but this came with another problem. The audio was off some and getting it back was gone. I then decided to make the video an average video because, every thing was going wrong and even though I wanted it to be something that it wasn't I knew for myself what it was to me to create something different. I failed in doing so. If I can ever get my footage back I will make a new one. (I said that before but I have been making new videos for about 2 months and I have been through alot) I myself have the good version but I encoded it with real video/audio, the file size is about 200 mb and its has a very big scale. I wish everyone that sees my amv will like the fact that I did try and change. ( I don't think many people will understand me ever )

    This vid is based around Freeza coming to earth and Trunks killing him.
    Song mixed by me. Old Evanescence and the remix of Krawling, it works well if you have it in hi quality but Movie Maker doesn't allow that at all.

    This amv was done in about three days and for that short amount of work it came out good to me.
    I did try to make it good but you can't have everything you want.

    The story is simple, it starts with everyone expecting Goku but instead they get an unexpecting guess. Trunks waste no time and goes Super Saiyen. Vegeta feels his power and can only think and imagine Goku maybe and who Trunks is. His passed haunts him. As the amv progresses it starts to go backwards back to the last mission given to Vegeta by Freeza.

    For best sound quality you should play it in stereo headphones. ( studio headphones ; the big ones )

    Update : 04-19-04
    Ok this is my best yet. I have been watching other amv's and giving ops like crazy. I think after the reviews i got and from conversations about the amv, I will update the video to make it bette. I might include new clips to push it along better. Thanks KhalRebelic23, to SSJ Vegeta17, Madbunny and Kurayam-san. Also to those who I spoke with on the forums thanks (wolfgangh)

    I hope the finished product is as good as some of the best. Since I havn't updated to Adobe it will be in MM2 which is limited so I will be working hard on this.

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