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  • Member: Machine
  • Studio: MindWarp Entertainment
  • Title: I Wish I Was Something Real
  • Premiered: 2001-11-12
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    • Nine Inch Nails Wish
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  • Comments: Armitage III and Major Kusanagi are probably two of the best action females to date in the anime society.

    After viewing both Movies several times, I somewhat saw what was a rather familiar relationship between the two women.

    Armitage III - Ross Syllabus is a Chicago cop who lost his partner in a battle with a cyborg. He's just been transferred to Mars as an expert on robots, but before he's even left the spaceport he spots a group of suspicious people who turn out to be a madman with cyborg bodyguards. With the help of his soon-to-be partner waiting in the terminal, Naomi Armitage, he stops the cyborgs, but their leader escapes. The plot thickens when they find that the group was carrying the body of a robot who was impersonating a popular country singer. At the MPD office, Ross and Armitage are paired up in the investigation of this unusual crime. As it turns out, someone is murdering robots, rare and illegal Third Types, nearly indistinguishable from humans, who had been living undetected as humans. Ross is already uncomfortable with the investigation, and when he finds out Armitage herself is a Third, he doesn't know what to make of the situation. Matters are further complicated when he is severely injured in a confrontation with the murder, and has to have large parts of his own body replaced with cybernetics. All the while, the threat of war with Earth looms overhead, and these crimes appear to be related somehow. Armitage becomes a wanted robot, and Ross must choose between her and his prejudices.

    One quote that burned inside my head for a very long time was somethign Armitage said "If humans don't want me, then why did they create me?"

    The only thing Naomi Armitage ever wanted was to be accepted for what she is. Even though she isn't fully human, she has the heart and soul of a human. She wishes she could be something real. She wishes she could be something true.

    Ghost in the Shell - A few decades from now, nations have been replaced by city-states and mega-corporations, and the world has been tied together by a vast computer network (fancy that). In the Japan of this new world, Section 9, a covert division of the Japanese police, investigate cybercrime and crimes committed by runaway robots. The story follows Major Motoko Kusanagi of Section 9 and her partner Bateau, in their investigation of what at first appears to be a hacker known as the Puppet Master, specializing in implanting unsuspecting people with false memories and manipulating them to do his dirty work. As it turns out, the mysterious character that has been operating behind the scenes is apparently an AI program, code named Project 2501, that has become sentient and is now seeking asylum with Section 9. But, the government agency that created the AI isn't about to let it get away, and it still remains a mystery why the Puppet Master sought out Major Kusanagi in the first place, or what it intends to do with her.

    In this rather dark film, Major Kusanagi is very much facinated by the Puppet Master as well as her own theories and influences of life. She believes that she is incomplete and makes a goal for herself to seek out the Puppet Master.

    As herself, Major Kusanagi knows that she is not something real. What she desires can only be answered by the Puppet Master. She wishes she could be complete. She wishes she could be something real, something true.

    *Best Action Video at M.T. Anime Convention 2001

    *Best Editing / Technical Video at Ohayao CON 2002

    *Judge's Special Award at Katsucon 2002

    *Best Anime Music Video Award at MARTYR 2002

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