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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: In the Absence of the Sun
  • Premiered: 2004-04-04
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    • Stillste Stund Sublunaris
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  • Comments: Maybe this AMV is a tribute to the moon... Or shall I better say to Muraki's deep red moon ^^ ?

    Even before I´ve watched Yami no Matsuei, I _knew_ I had to create an AMV with it. Strange, but true. This is just me ^^.
    After watching the 13 episodes of YnM on one single day, I started the AMV directly on the day after. At first, I wasn´t sure whether 'Sublunaris' was a good musical choice but in the end, I decided to use it, though. And... je ne regrette rien!

    Editing the video took 37 Hours (yay, call me slow) and a lot of nerves but also gave me a lot of amusement. The song is soulsucking, I promise; but probably most of you won't understand it, 'cause it's German (not a popular song at all, therefore it might be hard to find any translation). But you know I love you, don´t you? That´s why I´ll translate the lyrics for you... But please don´t kill me for my English: It might be even worse to understand than the German version of the song. ^^´´

    By the way, in case anyone is interested... the first line of the song is a quotation taken from the philosopher Nietzsche...


    "Als gestern der Mond aufging, wähnte ich, dass er eine Sonne gebären wollte, so breit und trächtig lag er am Horizonte."
    ***When the moon was rising yesterday, I forebored, he (the moon) wanted to give birth to a sun, (because) he lied that broad and pregnant on the horizon

    (Denn) Immer wenn der Nebel schwindet und uns dein Licht freigibt,
    ***(Because) every time the mist fades and uncovers your (the moon´s) light
    sich durch unsere Kehlen windet - dieses ur-uralte Lied.
    ***this ancient song winds through our throats

    Und im Mondlicht, unsere Schatten sich bewegen.
    ***And under the moonlight our shadows move
    Und im Mondlicht, unsere Seelen erbeben.
    ***And under the moonlight our souls quake
    Wie aus fremden Kehlen, Schreie sich entfesseln.
    ***As if from (some) strangers' throats, screams are freed
    (Dem Mond entgegen)
    ***(to the moon)

    Und sollte es nie wieder Morgen werden und diese Welt aufhören sich zu drehen,
    ***And if there's no tomorrow and the world stops to turn
    und sollte so das Tageslicht sterben, wirst erhaben du am Himmel stehen.
    ***And if the daylight dies, you shall stand lordly in the sky

    Und sollten sich die Götter schlafen legen und all unsere Träume mit sich nehmen,
    ***And if the Gods sleep and take away all our dreams
    und sollte sich kein Leben mehr auf Erden regen, wirst erhaben du am Himmel stehen.
    ***and if there is no life on earth, you shall stand lordly in the sky


    I hope you enjoy watching the AMV as much as I enjoyed making it.
    And, as probably expected, comments are most welcome ^^

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