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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: The Ice Dance
  • Premiered: 2004-04-03
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  • Song:
    • Danny Elfman Edward Sissorhands: The Ice Dance
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  • Comments: This is my second AMV.
    Please note the date! and you have been WARNED!

    Software Used:
    Windows Movie Maker
    Photo Editing Software (Arcsoft??)
    Slightly Remastered with Vegas Movie Studio 4

    General Crap:
    I think the Windows Movie maker is starting to warm up to me! heh, you know, when its not shutting down on me...
    (Wow, I didnt originally have any long comments!)

    The Visual Quality on this is alright, and the scene choice was alright too... kinda random, but some people seem to be enjoying it! There isnt much to say on this, as I barely remember really making this... it was so LONG ago.. haha... I was deffinately a n00b! but I have since cut out the subs, so its not as annoying as it used to be.. There are subs in at the end, but its because they were ment to be read...

    I've made better... meh!

    If you really wanna leave an opinion on this vid then feel free to do so... but I have progressed way beyond this vid, so any advice you may have to offer might be pointless, but please feel free to tell me if you enjoied it :D Quick Comments are always welcome :)

    Quick Comments:

    2005-11-06 05:03:13 not bad ^_^ Keep up the great work ^_~



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