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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: 大切な人へ - Taisetsu na hito he
  • Premiered: 2004-04-01
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    • Miyo Isayama Getsurenka
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    Well sorry i just had to add one more AMG AMV to the org database XD

    The idea for this vid came after I start to play Shadow Hearts 2.
    In this vid I'm using the theme song of this game ,
    I loved it the first time I heard , and the context of this song is perfect
    for a drama/romance/action AMV ,
    the only problem was choose an anime to make the vid , because ,
    if you know me , I'm sure that I've talked before that I haven't seen too many
    different animes , so the only anime that came to mind was AMD , and
    yeah i bought the "AMG the movie" just to make this vid.

    Matching Lyrics

    I'm not matching lirics literally , i mean , some scenes I'm trying to create
    the atmosphere to match lirics , because , this song is mainly , talking
    about somebody (a girl) that wish to see again a special person , but IMO ,
    the way that Belldandy tries to remember her past with Keiichi isn't so
    different of somebody that tries to find somebody . . . .but maybe that's just me. . .
    Something around 50% of the vid I'm matching lirics literally , then it's just
    my imagination ^^


    Well unfortunately nothing too diferent of usual AMVs out there .. .
    I suck with FXs . . but here some comments of the few ones that I'm using. . .

    I'm using again layering FXs to shut the characters mouth lol
    I just don't like when they move too much when the movements aren't
    matching anything of the song , example , I made Urdo STFU in
    this scene ^^ (1:13)

    This is the first time that I've used more than one overlayed (non tranparency)
    effect in a scene . . . the only prob to make that was have 5 lines for video in
    the Premiere timeline. (3:17)

    Still pictures sucks on quality UUGH ! . . . uhh yeah i know that's because
    *I* don't know how to make them look perfect . . but I'll still try . . don't worry.

    Encoding :

    This is the first time that I've compressed an AMV in widescreen format ,
    sorry for the huge filesize , I'll try to make it smaller next time.

    The song :

    The original version have more than 6 minutes but I've cutted (AGAIN) around
    2 minutes , the total lenght is around 4 minutes and 20 seconds, but ,
    I guess you not gonna be bored (I mean . . . I hope) ,
    because the song isn't entirely slow paced ,
    half of the song have pretty fast beats that was enough to me edit those parts
    as I like . . . . . . . . FLASHY!! *roll eyes*

    *IMPORTANT* I got this song file from a DVD , it's a deluxe pack that have
    this song with clips of the game , so the quality don't sounds like a
    cd ripping , but I guess it's good . . . well . . . tell if I'm wrong . . .


    Taisetsu na Hito he - For somebody special or important * vid title *


    ki e te yu ku ha za ma ni u ma re ku ru ki se ki ga
    A miracle generated from the gradually disappearing gap

    so re zo re no ko ko ro no sa su ba sho e mi chi bi ku
    Guide everyone's heart to the place they belong

    wa ta shi ni de ki ru ko to shi zu ka ni mi chi te yu ku
    But all that I can do is to leave quietly

    yo ru wo te ra su tsu ki no yo u ni a na ta wo mi ma mo ru no
    I will be guarding you like the moon shines the dark night

    so no fu ka i a na ta no o mo i wo a na ta no mo to me te ru ki zu na wo
    The deep thoughts about you, the kind of fetters that you've wanted

    ta gu ri yo se te hi ka ri to na ru no na ra
    If I can use my hands to create light,

    wa ta shi wa... i no tte i ru
    I will... be praying

    a na ta ga a i ta i to ne ga u
    I have been longing for meeting you

    hi to no to na ri de me sa me ru a sa wo mu ka e ra re ru yo u ni
    Just like people loves the morning when they wake up together

    chi ra ba tte ku i to wa to ki wo ko e ma ta mu su ba re te yu ku
    The separated ones go beyond time and space and get together again

    Ah a na ta wo a na ta wo ma mo tte yu ki ta i
    Ah ... you, I will keep trying to protect you

    a fu re ru o mo i ko no mu ne no na ka ni shi ma tte
    This is the thought that fills my heart

    Ah i tsu ka ku ru shi a wa se wo
    Ah when will we be able to live happily

    da ki shi me te i ki ru
    holding you again

    i ma wa shi zu ka ni hi to mi to ji yo u
    Now I only want to quietly close my eyes

    ma ta a e ru ka ra
    Because we will meet again

    Winner of Best Drama at OAS Jpop AMV contest 2004


    I hope you ENJOY !

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