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  • Member: AnimeSensei
  • Studio: Ganbatte Kudasai Studios
  • Title: Daiundokai Olympics!
  • Premiered: 2001-03-21
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    • John Williams Olympic Theme
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  • Comments: When I watched Battle Athletes Victory the first time, I wanted to hear this song soooooo bad. After I got the song, I forgot about the tie-in until late 2000. It was then, when I was thinking of ideas for AMVs, that the idea came to my mind. ^_^

    I set out with a plan to highlight each character from the series, but in the end had to cut scenes due to lack of HD space, lack of song space, or nothing I had worked with the "feel" of the music. In the end, I dropped Lahrri, Mylandah, and Ling-Pha (oooh, darn. Like Ling-Pha really has the Olympic spirit, anyway. ^_^)

    I feel this is my best AMV to date, I think that I captured the feel of the Olympic Spirit and a part of Battle Athletes that makes it different from most other animes. I think that I've done the anime and the song justice.

    On another note, this is the last video I'll -EVER- be doing with Ulead VideoStudio. Timing with that wretched program nearly drove me insane. I'm so happy I have Premiere now...

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