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  • Member: [lmt]_lucas
  • Studio: Lucas' Artz
  • Title: GvS - the truth behind Naruto's plot
  • Premiered: 2004-03-28
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    • 20th Century Fox Alien vs Predator trailer
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  • Comments: This video is a combined effect of watching the AvP trailer (hope they don't screw up the great idea) and the last episodes of Naruto. The idea is: Gaara as The Alien and Sasuke as Predator. They both fit the story pretty well, as they both hate (and kill) people and have a 'monster' side. As for the details, Gaara's sand shield reminded me of facehugger's hatching pod and Sasuke's cursed seal (three red dots :) looks exactly like Predator's backsight. The editing is very simple and goes with the original trailer flow, no fancy effects included. That's it.

    Used in the process: one AvP trailer, one free evening, three episodes of Naruto, one beer, one lemon.

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