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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Wind Outrunning Destiny: Haruka Tenoh
  • Premiered: 2001-10-11
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    • Bassic The Wind
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  • Comments: Title: "Wind Outrunning Destiny: Haruka Tenoh"
    Anime: Sailor Moon S
    Song: "The Wind" by Bassic
    Time spent on video: Many hours during the course of one and a half months
    Length: 2:32 minutes
    Size: 31 MB
    Format: MPEG
    Bitrate: 1500

    "Wind Outrunning Destiny" focuses on the harsh reality that Haruka Tenoh, better known as Sailor Uranus, must face in Sailor Moon S. Since Haruka is one of my favorite characters in Sailor Moon, I knew I wanted to make a character-profile music video based on her. This was a fun, siple little project that I made just for the heck of it. I started it nearly 2 months ago, but got stuck, so gave it a rest for a little bit. I only just finished this thing the other day, heh. It is not one of my favorites, but that's not to say that I don't like it, or think it sucks. I think I just made this when I was feeling very moody, so I kinda associate negative emotions with this vid. OK, now I'm just getting uselessly deep. I'll just talk about what this video is about now. ^_^ So, just because this isn't one of my personal favorite videos doesn't mean that this video doesn't have a plot. Actually, I think this video has a story very much unlike anything I've done before, and I hope it's an original kind of Sailor Moon video that is unique. ^^; I should also note that this is my first video in which I use new age/electronica music. It's very...odd, but for some reason, I think it fits. :) If you've been keeping up with my recent works, you'll see that I've been dabbling in a variety of music genres that I've never messed with before (electronica, classical, punk, etc..).

    This video revolves around Haruka not wanted to accept the fact that she has to be Sailor Uranus. In the beginning, it shows her riding on her motorcycle, running track...just basically doing things that will help her run away from her destiny (hence the title, "Wind Outrunning Destiny," since on many occasions throughout SMS, Haruka refers to herself as "being like the wind").

    So, why does this girl want to run so bad? Because she keeps having freaky visions of death, with Sailor Neptune in them! She keeps appearing in her mind, and visions, so that's why I have Neptune (Michiru) appear in various parts of this video. This is why throughout the first half of this video, I have flashbacks and other shots faded into the background, to show that Haruka is experiencing a vision that she doesn't want any part of. At one point in this video, there's a scene with Haruka running track, and at the same time, I have shots of her deciding whether or not to accept her Uranus transformation stick. I kinda have these shots shown suddenly, to show that she is thinking about such things, but is hesitant.

    By 1:10 minutes into the video, after the race scene, Haruka has accepted her destiny, which is why I have the simple transformation scene, with a few extras. When I say "extras," I mean I played with things in Premiere that I've never used before, so, in a sense, this video is something of an experiment. After that is the obligatory "World Shaking" scene...blah blah blah...

    OK, back to the story. After the transformation and power scene, it cuts to Haruka sitting outside her window in her apartment. She looks at her hands, wondering if the path she has chosen was the right way. Then, Michiru, Sailor Neptune, shows up, and takes her hand. For this part, I had the famous "hands" scene between Haruka and Michiru going on, while in the backgroun, I put in scenes of Uranus and Neptune fighting, and protecting each other. I wanted this entire part of the video to mean, "if you're worried about our destiny, just think of all the times we've helped each other. That makes it all worth it." Heh...yeah, I guess that's kind of the moral of this video. :)

    In the end of the video, after the scene between Haruka and Michiru together. Michiru is daydreaming, when Haruka awakes her. Outside of Haruka's pool, the two then refelct on what they've done. Together, they exchange glances, and Haruka comes to realize that she can't escape her destiny, and in fact, embraces it. The end!

    That's my video, pretty much. Like I said, I really thought about how I wanted the story to go... for a Sailor Moon video, it's fairly "deep" compared to anything else I've made (I guess "Traces of Insanity" is the only other vid of mine I can compare this to). This is simply a character profile video about Haruka, and some of the personal challenges I have to face. If you're a Sailor Moon fan, I really hope you enjoy this video! If you're not a Sailor Moon fan, and are just checking this video out, I hope it offers you an introduction of how serious this show can be sometimes, and let you know about one of its characters. I'd also really appreciate it if you write me an opinion to let me know of what you think of this video! Thanks bunches!

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