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  • Member: Dirk Stabben
  • Title: The Bebop Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2004-03-26
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    • The Matrix Reloaded Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: Seeing a few movie trailer/ anime parodies inspired me to take on the task myself. Taking footage from Cowboy Bebop, and the sound from the Matrix Reloaded trailer, I lip-synched and sound-synched it to create The Bebop Reloaded.

    Between splicing out the needed scenes, changing video speed, and the immense ammount of lip-synching (changing lip movement on every syllable), then fine-tuning anything I wasn't happy with, this took at least 20 hours.

    While making The Bebop Reloaded, I also took into account the personalities of the characters from both Bebop and The Matrix. Neo/Trinity = Spike/Julia (somewhat ^^;; ), while Morpheus/Niobe = Jet/Faye (at least in my opinion). Also to consider were the Agents, The Oracle, and Agent Smith... Unfortunately, no one can be told who I lip-synch for them. You have to see it for yourself. ^_~

    I didn't go too heavy on digital effects, though I did brighten some scenes, and use a zoom effect twice, so I guess that counts. o_O

    Recently, I discovered there's another video out there called "Cowboy Bebop Reloaded", though I have yet to actually see it. I'm quite interested in seeing it, so I can see what someone else did with the same audio I used for mine. ^_^

    There were a few parts I wish i could have done better, but like Watanabe, I'm keeping those details to myself. ^.^ I hope you enjoy, comments are appreciated. =^^=

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