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  • Member: Deshrill
  • Title: It's Raining Green Green
  • Premiered: 2004-03-25
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    • Geri Haliwell It's Raining Men
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  • Comments: Hey, I've spent the past day and a half cutting together another brief AMV. They are brief because of lack of hard drive space and also to challenge myself-- can I tell a story of sorts in less than a minute.

    This AMV has PG-13 levels of nudity-- just a few brief fan service style shots (bras and panties), but nothing extreme.

    This AMV uses footage from the first episode of "Green Green" with a music excerpt from "It's Raining Men" by Geri Halliwell. I spent a lot of time with the editing to get it to match up to the music and I think it came out well.

    There are two versions of the vid: a Medium Quality (about 2.7 Megabytes big) and a High Quality (about 11.1 Megabytes big). Enjoy!

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