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  • Member: jigen daisuke
  • Studio: Absolute Zero
  • Title: Way Away From Konoha (Version 2)
  • Premiered: 2004-03-23
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    • Yellowcard Way Away
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  • Comments: ----NOTE: Sorry I failed to mention this, but this video won the "Best Action AMV" at the FITcon AMV Contest. Most of the other action AMVs were Naruto AMVs. They all sucked. Mwa ha ha! I won Hellsing DVD Vol. 1, but I only cared about the honor of winning!!----

    ----NOTE: We are formerly "T&P Core" but we changed our named to "Absolute Zero."----

    Due to popular demand, here is the second (and FINAL) version of this music video, "Way Away From Konoha." This is also the LAST Naruto AMV for a LONG TIME. I have a lot more projects I want to upload, and I'll do that soon. The only reason I touched this one up is because 1.) there was an anime convention coming up with an AMV contest and 2.) better footage had appeared in the series that I could use.

    If you saw the first one, this isn't incredibly different, but I got rid of all the random "Naruto running away" clips and replaced them with action. Overall, it's alot better. If you didn't see the first one, DON'T.


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