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  • Member: norskotaku
  • Studio: OAS (OrangeAnime Studios)
  • Title: Hands Down 2004
  • Premiered: 2004-03-20
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    • Dashboard Confessional Hands Down
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  • Comments: This started out as just a simple remaster, but since a few big things changed, it's a different animal than the original. My first version of Hands Down was made before I learned a lot about video quality, so the quality of the footage is far above the original. I also had more dvds of the series than previously, and had watched the entire series, so I was able to use footage from later episodes and fill out a few scenes I struggled with in the original.

    For the most part, the scenes in the video are the same, but have been tweaked a bit. I changed a lot of the transitions, but only some of you might notice the difference. I worked a bit harder on the lip syncs, as I felt they added a lot to the original video and wanted them to be a little more solid. I realize by now this song has probably been overplayed on the radio, and some people may be sick of it, but it was fun when I first heard it, and I think it's still a great song and I can't listen to it now without thinking about Onegai Teacher. lol.

    For more details about where this video came from, check out the notes on the original version from 2003.

    local download has full resolution MPEG2
    direct and indirect downloads are smaller Xvid copies for those with slower connections.

    Premiered March, 20th at Animaritime in Canada. Placed 2nd in the contest.

    *WINNER* Best Drama - FITCON 2004 - Melbourne, FL
    *WINNER* Best Romance - AUS ANIME CON 2003-2004

    ----- added Thursday, August 25, 2005 -----

    UPDATE 25.08.05: direct and indirect downloads have been removed for now. please continue to enjoy the local copy!

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