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  • Members: Ashyukun, BogoSort
  • Studio: Electric Leech Productions
  • Title: It's Tricky (To Make a Trailer)
  • Premiered: 2004-03-15
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Robert Babcock Variations on John Williams' Theme from "Jaws"
    • Run DMC It's Tricky
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  • Comments: Oh boy. Where to start....

    OK. This video is what happens when I get a bad idea and am trying my best to avoid working on what I should have been working on (at the time, it was TPPR). The idea first floated to the top of my subconscious in which I jokingly suggested that Lee (bogosort) should make a trailer for "It's Tricky" to beat TPPR in the Trailer category at Tekkoshocon (because I was not happy with how TPPR was going at the time and was having a hard time keeping my enthusiasm about it up). That evening when I was at home and trying to work on TPPR, I was just not getting into it at all and decided I needed a bit of a diversion to prime the pump, so to speak. I started fiddling around a bit with different music and text effects, and before too long had dug my electric keyboard out from its long slumber behind the door of my computer room and hooked it up to the computer to get exactly what I wanted in the way of audio. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was going to have to see this all the way through- and a day or so later after some conferring with Lee and minor tweaks from that first night's flurry of editing, and 'It's Tricky (to make a trailer)' was finished.

    The music in the video that isn't from It's Tricky (To Make a Music Video) was all done on the aforementioned electric keyboard. The real version of John Williams' theme from "Jaws" just didn't go the way I had in mind so I just decided to play it myself the way I wanted to. The text effects were (probably fairly obviously) done in After Effects, as was the shatter effect (the first time I've really played with it). I would have liked to have just put "It's Tricky (to make a music video)" as the source, but I asked and was told listing them out would be the appropriate way. The clip of 'It's Tricky' has both obviously and subtly been modified a bit. I really wanted the scene from the DBZ OP in the clip but it was in a differnet part of the video, so I replaced another short clip with it. I also obviously had some fun with the scene of Vash dancing at the end. Believe it or not, Vash in and Afro Ken afro wasn't my idea- it was Lee's suggestion. The suggestion to use the silouetted Vash at the beginning was also his suggestion, and he was kind enough to provide me with his original title file for the end (I had recreated it myself from scratch, but it was obviously not the original...).

    Nothing particularly deep should be read into this video- it was simply me having some fun doing what I love to do while poking some fun at one of my friends (something else I also enjoy doing). I thought it would be stupidly funny to make a trailer for a music video, parodying both the trailer genre in general and the video itself.

    Though you're probably quite capable of searching for and finding it on your own, Lee's 'It's Tricky (To Make a Music Video)' can be found here.

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