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  • Member: Esrhan
  • Studio: Arctic Tribe
  • Title: Search & Destroy
  • Premiered: 2004-03-15
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  • Song:
    • Hellsing Trailer Music Video
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  • Comments: General Comments:
    This anime music video is all about what I like to edit. The audio source it ripped from the official Hellsing trailer music video featured in the first DVD.

    Alas, it is yet another Hellsing action video... but I doubt it's similarity to the vast majority. Instead of striving for a general, tensely edited action video, I decided to follow the official trailer music video. I found it to be quite cool and adaptable by replacing the original animation with footage from the actual anime.

    Trying to re-create the original trailer video isn't something too special, but I wanted to try it for pure fandom. I used the original trailer as a basis for my layout, so I could easily re-create it. Timing the sound effects, scenes and music had already been done, so I just had to pick the right scenes.

    I think my try was rather successful. Some improvisation was involved, but I'm still satisfied with the outcome. It certainly is similar to the original and that was one of my goals, but it's also a slight contradiction since viewers are often seeking something new.

    I suggest watching the official Hellsing trailer before you look into this. Otherwise you'll give too much credit for certain aspects of this AMV...

    Follow Up:
    I will someday redo this project using Hellsing Ultimate footage once it has been fully released.

    Technical Info:
    Local file was encoded with an old version of DivX and Lame MP3 192kbps.

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