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  • Members: Kionon, Kumorigoe
  • Studio: R3 Productions
  • Title: Heero's A Mess
  • Premiered: 2001-03-03
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • SR-71 What a Mess
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Update: Uploaded to my new server. Current date is January 04 2006.

    This video was created not really by myself, but rromig (Robert Romig) of R3 Productions. So why is it under my profile? Good question. Originally, after Phade asked me to join the Org, and I did so, I only had two videos I had worked on. My own video, Utena (Story of a Girl) and the project I collaborated on: Heero's A Mess.

    Robert Romig and I started off as television interns back in 1999. With our broadcast talents we looked to anime music videos and saw in general that most people were producing utter crap. We figured that with our video editing skills (and a bunch of fancy equipment provided by the channel) we could make our own vids. Robert jumped in first and came up with this concept. At the time, SR-71's hit "Right Now" was not getting radio play (although the song for this vid was on the same CD) and so the band was quite unheard of at that point.

    I was a consultant on the video. I went over scene choices with him. We discussed techniques. I was involved in the betaing process. In those ways you could call me a collaborator, but I want it clear that I consider this video only a very small percentage mine if at all. But I'll continue hosting it all the same, because it is a part of my video editing history, and Robert can't afford hosting anyhow.


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