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  • Member: norskotaku
  • Studio: OAS (OrangeAnime Studios)
  • Title: 007 dans des culottes
  • Premiered: 2004-03-07
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    • Bond Bond on Bond
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  • Comments: The idea for this video came about as if instantly, as I happened to be watching Najica and listening to Bond a lot around the same time. I had picked up the first volume of Najica many months before, and watched one episode, but put off watching or buying the rest for quite some time. I was introduced to Bond through their older cd, and later found this one and picked it up. I loved their version of the James Bond theme, although most people will hear this and just assume it's a James Bond remix of some kind. anyone who has heard more of Bond's music can attest that it is more than that. ^_^

    I'm sure the connection between James Bond and Najica is easy to spot, for anyone who has seen the series. ^_^ Heck, for all I know, this theme might have been played out already, just with another version of the theme. I'm not usually wanting to do something so obvious as this, but one thing really inspired me, and that was the commentary on the first volume by Monica Rial and Kira Vincent-Davis, in which they described Najica as "007 in panties". their commentary had me laughing so much that I knew I had to do a video like this.

    that said, I did set out to create a comedy video, but upon watching all of Najica, I looked at it as more than just a bunch of blatant panty shots, and it was hard to focus on comedy while making the video. this was one of the most difficult videos I've done so far, and I sat on it for something like three weeks before it was finally finished. I fealt that the final product was more action oriented, but was amused by the amount of laughter it got when premiered at megacon. although I do believe most of the audience was laughing because they thought I put the panty shots in on purpose. anyone who has watched this series will know that this video probably has fewer panty shots per minute than the series itself. lol. ^_^

    anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, and I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. and trust me, this series is worth checking out. after a few episodes, you don't even notice the panties, and you can get really caught up in the story before you know it.

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