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  • Member: pumpkinchick28
  • Studio: OAS (OrangeAnime Studios)
  • Title: Super Model! Ran Kotobuki
  • Premiered: 2004-03-08
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    • Jill Sobule Supermodel
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  • Comments: This is kind of my first comedy video. I did some silly stuff a few years ago, but this is my first real comedy one. I've been watching Super Gals for quite a while and I really love the series. I got the inspiration for this video when I was listening to the Clueless soundtrack (crappy movie, fun soundtrack). I thought it fit so amazingly well, then I saw Volume 4 with the photo shoot and I knew that would work great, so I got to work.

    I actually started the video twice. The first time I had some sort of problem with my AVS files and I ended up starting from scratch, which was a good thing really, because it gave me time to practice my lip synching.

    I've done very little lip synching in the past (so forgive me if it's not perfect), so this was a huge undertaking for me. I actually had to photoshop several of the frames and import them back into premiere. And I haven't had much experience in photoshop so it was quite a challenge. All in all, the lip synching is pretty good, though I got a little lazy toward the end and I think that shows up in the lip synching. But if you're not looking for it, maybe you won't notice it. Hard to say as the creator.

    So, let's see...for my footage, I used Super Gals! Volumes 1, 2, and 4. Skipped 3 because it's my least favorite, and I had plenty of footage with the other ones. Software-wise, I used Smartripper +DVD2AVI to get my AVS files. RealOnePlayer to get a WAV file of my song. Adobe Premiere 6.5 to edit the footage and music together. VirtualDub to make the final version and it's encoded in DivX.

    Thanks to Norskotaku for the constructive criticism. And thanks to everybody who cheered for me at MegaCon as well. Hope you enjoy the video!

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