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  • Member: tajjej
  • Studio: CLR
  • Title: Blowin' In The Wind
  • Premiered: 2004-03-07
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  • Song:
    • Peter, Paul and Mary Blowin' in the Wind
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  • Comments: This video combines the symbolism of Peter, Paul and Mary's "Blowin' In The Wind" with the symbolism of "Trigun".

    The song is made up of three verses of three questions each. I used each question to center on a charater, except one. The only duplicate is Knives. He just fit both verses. Other verses have Vash, Wolfwood, Merle, Millie and Legato. Rem is here, as are the sleepers.

    If you have never heard the song, don't worry. The lyrics are quite clear. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN "Trigun", you will not want to watch this. It has a few spoilers.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.



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