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  • Member: firerules16
  • Title: Final Fantasy: Love's Divine
  • Premiered: 2004-03-05
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    • Seal Love's Divine
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  • Comments: Hey everyone! This happens to be my third anime music video. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I hope that you enjoy it too.

    This video is a romance video through and through, and it centers on Tidus and Yuna. I know that the whole romance thing has been done to death with Final Fantasy, so I'm not expecting a ton of originality points in that regard. I feel that if a romance video is done well, however, originality doesn't matter quite as much. It's a feel-good video, and any fans of Tidus and Yuna will certainly enjoy it.

    I'd like to say up front that this video was a little tough for me. When I was going through songs and eventually picked this one out, I thought it'd be perfect. I figured I would have more than enough material to work with, etc. However, this turned out to be an extremely difficult project for me. The song proved to be hard to edit to... although it's a beautiful song, the pacing isn't always right as far as music video material goes.

    I am, however, very happy about how a number of things turned out.

    First, I'm happy with the capture quality. Every video was ripped right from my FFX and FFX-2 DVDs, and I worked entirely with Huffyuv through Adobe Premiere Pro.

    **UPDATE, 8-15-2004** I have re-encoded this music video to XviD, essentially shaving 20 megabytes off of the video with a hardly noticeable loss in quality. I'm hoping that it will attract more downloaders, as the response to the video so far has been rather lackluster. :D

    Also, this video gave me an excellent chance to play with many of the effects that are available in Premiere. It's by far the most "technical" of my three videos thus far, and I believe the editing is pretty crisp throughout most of it.

    I edited this video with Adobe Premiere Pro, and the machine used for it is an Athlon XP 2700+ with 1.5 GB of ram. I give a special thanks to the beloved VirtualDub for all my encoding and filtering needs.

    I guess there's not too much left to say. If you're a fan of FFX and X-2, and you are a Tidus/Yuna romance fan, you'll hopefully be in for a treat. Enjoy, and I hope to hear from everyone about the video. I welcome any and all constructive comments!

    Fire Rules

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