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  • Member: Sailor Cherry
  • Title: A Dedication: Crazy Like That
  • Premiered: 2004-03-06
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    • Jewel Foolish Games
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  • Comments: First of all, this is my first ever finished music video. I have some others, but they\'re only half-way finished. This mainly focuses on one couple that I\'m not going to say. You\'ll have to see the video to find out.

    I got this idea while going through some Slayers couple shrines and found a particular site that I liked and thought,\'Hey...why don\'t I make a video to this couple?\' and so, here it is.

    The good thing about this video is that idea is very original and I bet nobody has every made a video like this. Also, all the scenes fit perfectly to the music and the words. They flow along greatly and without any problem. The timing is also very good. The lip syncing isn\'t that bad as well.

    The bad thing about this video is that my footage source isn\'t that good, neither is my video maker. So about five or six scenes don\'t show that good, but that\'s only five or six out of like fifty. The cd I got the song from wasn\'t that good, so the beginning of the song is a little bit wierd. But that\'s only the first few seconds. The subtitles rarely appear as well, but you\'ll have to ignore some of them.

    Hope you enjoy the vid!

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