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  • Member: Loveable Neko Kyou
  • Title: Susumu's Tears
  • Premiered: 2004-03-04
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  • Songs:
    • Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack The end of all things
    • Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack The Steward of Gondor
    • Tori Amos 1,000 Oceans
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  • Comments: Ahh i finished one of my other videos before my wolf's rain one...well this video sorta hit me when i watched the 19 ep of the series, and i just had to make a video to it ^.^

    This video is basically about Susumu his realtionship with his sister and Tetsu, also how he lives as a Ninja, I must warn you this video is very sad...probably my saddest video yet, i just listening to the song over and over and it really hit me how it fit the angst in ep 19 and how Susumu deals with it....for spoiler reasons i will not say the other reason for making the video...but this video does give spoilers for episode 19 of the anime.

    With that all said i hope you enjoy the video!

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