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  • Member: punkbabydawl
  • Studio: AMV's of death
  • Title: not-so-american sick-o
  • Premiered: 2004-03-04
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  • Song:
    • Dragstrip Riot American Sick-o
  • Anime:
  • Comments: i gave a link to it on the dragstrip riot message board and the lead singer wrote me back--

    "I absolutely HATE anime, but that was really really cool! Who did the art (which art house)? I might see about licensing the footage so we can publish that on a dvd to be put out by Go Kustom. Great job!!!!

    -Knuck- "

    ... heh. i got praaaaiiiise *rolls on the floor in glee*

    here's the lyrics:

    I'm outside your house, it's late at night
    I was drawn to you by your bedroom light
    I'm seeing things that I'm not s'posed to see
    I'm feeling funny feelings stirring inside of me

    I'm an American sick-o
    I'm watching you wherever you go
    American sick-o
    And you don't even know my name

    Under blankets of shadows I'm creeping around
    I'm watching what you do when your shades aren't down
    And I twitch when I see your pale white skin
    One of these days I'm going to let myself in

    I'm an American sick-o
    My deviancy continues to grow
    American sick-o
    I'm sick! I'm sick!

    It's late afternoon and you're still off at work
    I open up your back door with a crowbar's jerk
    I position myself right under your bed
    I'm living out the fantasies that run through my head

    And now you're here and I'm here too
    I'll tell you little darlin' what I want you to do
    But you scream and frantically I cover your mouth
    This wasn't how I planned it girl, you weren't s'posed to shout

    I try to subdue you but you put up a fight
    Now I guess I'm going to have to take your life
    But something has happened, I feel a sharp pain
    On the front of my shirt is a big red stain

    I try to catch my breath and I fall to my knees
    And in your hand you hold the knife that tore a hole in me

    I'm an American sick-o

    so yeah, it kinda goes. i think it's the best i've ever made...

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