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  • Member: BlackMagicianGirl
  • Studio: Nekowabaka Productions
  • Title: Evangelion - Megalomaniac
  • Premiered: 2004-03-04
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    • Incubus Megalomaniac
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  • Comments: Okay... I made this video because everytime I heard the song I knew just what I wanted, and where I wanted it.

    I'll update this more later, but its basically only using footage from EoE, and nothing else... ((I only have eoe and d&r on dvd to get clip access from))

    The entire video took me about 2 weeks to work out. After 2 days worth of ripping the footage, I finally sat down and started piecing bits and pieces of it together.

    I think this is probably one of my best videos to date, and I'm quite proud of it. There is not meant to be any lipsynching, so where the flaps don't match, its not done to be lipsynched. However there are a few sequences that I'd suggest having bright lights on, and sitting far enough away from the screen, I got dizzy at points just making the amv, so this is a warning for those of you downloading it.

    Anyway enjoy ^_^, and please leave any constructive opinions and such, telling me it sucks but not why doesn't really help me that much. ^_^

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