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  • Member: godix
  • Title: Goodbye Cruel World
  • Premiered: 2004-03-04
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    • Pink Floyd Goodbye Cruel World
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  • Comments: I know this isn't the type of video people generally look for in AMVs but I don't give a damn, of my own videos this is one of my favorites. It's the closest yet that I've come yet to actually achieving what I had in my mind at the start. My only real regret is that the character is so minor I had to resort to some filler because there just wasn't enough clips of her that would work in the video.

    If you've seen some of my other works don't expect this to be a repeat. It isn't spastic, happy, or full of effects. I intentionally kept the editing simple and focused on trying to enhance the isolated and depressed feeling of the song.

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