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  • Member: AidoruStudio
  • Studio: Aidoru Studio
  • Title: We Swear We're Not Gay
  • Premiered: 2004-03-03
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    • Backstreet Boys We Swear We're Not Gay
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  • Comments: We Swear We're not Gay goes along with the same tune as "I want it that way" by the BackStreet Boys. I thought it went well with the Starlights because their human form is male, but they transform into females. So.. are they really gay? Who knows..

    *Please Read*
    I never thought I would have to do this, but Im going to have to put a disclaimer on my video because of alot of hate comments I get about this vid. Im tired of being accused of being a "hater" of Sailor Stars and more specifically the Starlights. I adore the Starlights and Sailor Stars is my most favorite anime ever. So, Im posting my comment to a feedback I got which explains why I did what I did.

    The starlights go with this song because its something called a parody. In essence, Im poking fun at boy bands. The starlights arent actually gay, they are aliens who are neither female or male hence why they can change into male or female characters. I was poking fun at boybands because everyone thinks they are gay, and it fit perfectly with the Three Lights because every girl is in love with them, but when no one is looking they turn into females. Therefore when the chorus goes, "We swear were not gay" comes on, i always show the starlights in their female form, but all the other times the male forms.

    We dance like sissys
    We sing like wussys
    But we must tell you
    We swear we're not gay

    If you wore these outfits to class
    They would kick your a--
    We swear we're not gay

    We look like interior designers
    We sing like a bunch of girlie whiners
    But we're straight
    Our agent says we gotta say
    We swear we're not gay

    Our biggest fans are 12 year old girls
    Who think we're as cute as can be (yeah-h-h)
    But as they grow older they all figure out
    We're hiding our latency

    One thing is for sure
    We get manicures
    We do, we do, we do
    Wash our clothes
    On the delicate cycles
    Want to do
    A session with George Michaels

    But today
    We think that we have better say
    We swear we're not gay
    I swear we're not gay

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