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  • Member: mankosuki
  • Studio: Nekophiliac Productions
  • Title: Kagero: The Toxic Lover
  • Premiered: 2004-03-03
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    • Britney Spears Toxic
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  • Comments: This AMV was originally going to be a character profile of Kagero which would tell about her curse of poisoning any man that she sleeps with. Unfortunatly, there were some problems in finding enough scenes in the anime to convey that message. For one thing, this song (like most pop) is pretty repetitive. This is a bad thing for AMVs since it would look awful to have the same scenes repeating, and it's hard to find different ones to say the same thing over and over. Because of this, I ended up taking out alot of the song, leaving just the first verse and the ending.

    I may come back to this and expand the video some to include the other verse later on... What do you think? Should I use the whole song or just keep it how it is? Please leave me a comment.

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