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  • Member: leathelanime
  • Studio: Leathel Anime Studios
  • Title: Flashes
  • Premiered: 2004-03-02
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  • Comments: Hey There! Breaking into my 2k4 line up with a......Drama? Well yes Billy Bob a Drama because everyone loves a drama.


    Well the video has evolved a few times since I put it down on paper. To sum it up Spike is thrown from a window and is falling to his death. As he falls he gets flashbacks from the events bringing up his death. from Julia getting killed (first of the flashes) to him flying around mars for info, getting the info and then finding the person who ordered the hit. The idea is somewhat original and I think I executed very damn well...though not a flashy video it's still a nice watch :) I made all the Flashbacks in Black and white Film noise the the current view in normal color I figured it would be dumb if I made the entire video B&W because you wouldnt get the flashes if it was all B&W so the final version of the video is the most clear out of them all :)

    well thats all I can really say about the video I hope you guys like it (or hate) enough to drop me a op or 2 well here it is ....Flashes the start of the LAS 2004 video line up Enjoy!

    Special Thanks
    To AD & Ermac for making the DVD Ripping guides
    Steakslim for Helping me with compression

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