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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Studio: HurQlez Productions
  • Title: Faithless
  • Premiered: 2004-03-02
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: ----------Awards-----------

    --Animethon 11 (Summer 2004, Alberta, Canada)---

    --Otakon 2004 (Summer 2004, Baltimore, MD)--
    **WINNER-Best Serious/Drama Vid**
    **2ND PLACE-Best Themed Vid (by a tenth of a point!)**

    --Fort Warriors Mvid of the Month--
    **WINNER-May 2005**

    --Anime Expo 2005--

    Well guys, the Hurq is back with his seventh video, and probably his last NGE vid for a while. I have seen so many eva vids and I realize that I wont be able to get the attention without least doing a different anime (that is why my two best vids were non-NGE). But that doesnt mean I cant go out with a bang.

    I have been walking on this project for a long time. I have always thought of "Numb" from Linkin Park to be the perfect NGE song. I even looked at every AMV with NUMB. But all the non-NGE AMVs just didnt fit with the anime, and the NGE AMVs didnt even come close to my expectations. I even asked to see if others would do it. But finally I said to myself "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself".

    When I listen to this song over and over again, I see power, I see despair. So from those elements I created this AMV.

    The truth is the idea started when I was making "The Worst of You Is Me". Tsukin actually helped out and made his own intro for the AMV, a brief 20 seconds of NUMB and some NGE images, but every time I saw the intro, it just made me want to make a full length version of this vid. Of course I couldnt make it without Tsukin's permission. So I just made the first part of the AMV the same way Tsukin did it. I certainly give him kudos on those few seconds.

    Another artist, Gene Starwind 21122, already made an NGE AMV with certain scenes that were very powerful that I knew I couldnt make a better versions that those scenes. So the scenes were loosely used in my AMV (I never got to ask his permission but now we worked it out and he is fine with it since I give him credit for those scenes)

    (Half of) the third chorus was very difficult. I started off using a scene from a coming attraction of episode 16. The problem was it was a random selection of different people in NGE. So I had to pick images of Asuka, Shinji, and Gendo myself to give that fast paced theme near the end. Of the The last part of the vid was special because no matter what I dreamed up, I always envisioned the rising crosses to be in the last part of the song. And the scene with Shinji and the mountains just fitted right in.

    The only thing more difficult than the editing, was the title. I had so many choices from LET US BE, to CONCEDETE NOS ADOLESCERE (Latin for ALLOW US TO GROW), to END OF US, CONTROLLED. But then I just listened to the song intensly and heard the word faithless, and that struck a chord so I decided to make that the title.

    So just sit back and enjoy A powerful vid, "Faithless".

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