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  • Member: AHGrayLensman
  • Title: Eva^2
  • Premiered: 2004-02-26
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    • Evanescence My Immortal
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  • Comments: mencoder OSX used for ripping, iMovie for editing.

    EDIT 25 Apr 2004:

    This is the first video editing project of any kind I've ever done, so I hope you'll excuse the lame ripping (mencoder is SUQ!) and the abrupt transitions in a couple places...

    The original inspiration for this came some time in late summer '03 -- Fallen and the B-sides thereof were effectively my soundtrack at the time, and one day on the way to work, it hit me that several of the songs summarized the main Eva characters pretty well ("My Immortal" for Shinji, "Haunted" for Rei, "Tourniquet" and "Missing" for Asuka after the 15th Angel). I filed the idea away and never really did anything more with it till I got my iBook in Feburary '04...

    This was originally going to be about both Shinji and Gendo dealing with Yui's death, but as I was working on this it morphed into Shinji looking back on his relationships with Yui and Rei. I'd also originally wanted to use the band version of "My Immortal" (I thought the guitar solo part fit the battle with the 16th Angel), but I had a bit of trouble tracking down a usable version of that. I used the version from Origin instead. I have a usable band version track now, so there may be a "director's cut/band version" in store in the future. :)

    Sorry the original comments were so sparse... I was a little, um, stressed when I wrote them (so much so that I ended up in the hospital the following day and had my gallbladder taken out a few days later).

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