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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: DDR 3rd Mix Project: Track 07 (El Ritmo)
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Dixies Gang El Ritmo Tropical
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  • Comments: NOTE!!! This was one track in a series of dozens, which made up the Dance Dance Revolution non-stop 3rd mix which was edited for Anime Weekend Atlanta 7 by many different editors. The video begins 5 seconds before my clip, and ends 5 seconds after my clip. This is intentional, and should not be viewed as a mistake. The abrupt beginning and end are due entirely to the nature of this video as being part of a whole, cut out of the middle.

    - Mac G4
    - JVC HR-S3600U SVHS VCR
    - Sony Media Converter

    Final Cut Pro 1.2
    Tsunami MPEG Encoder (TMPGEnc)

    This was the last track I made for the DDR Project, when the assigned editor fell out of contact during the final week before the track was due, and had not turned it in yet. In a mad dash for completion, skipping class and letting homework go untouched, I created this video over the course of about 8 hours. It has some flaws, and isn't the best track I made, certainly, but I think it turned out to be pretty entertaining nonetheless. I must say I'm a little bothered by the compression. I've compressed it three times, and it continies to drop frames (white flashes in the skating scene near the end). I seem to be unable to fix that. But it's a minor flaw, so I give up on fixing it.

    Please let me know what you think!

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