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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Stifler's Mom Productions
  • Title: DDR Project 3rd Mix Track 19: Get Up and Dance
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Freedom Get Up and Dance
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  • Comments: I had 36 hours to make 2 DDR tracks. And that's including about 18 hours which would be spent at work. I decided to tackle this track first, because I really disliked the song. I was also completely clueless as to what I would use. I looked at my shelf; Cowboy Bebop, no, Fushigi Yuugi, no, Lain, no, Eva, no, Karekano, n---maybe. No time to dilly dally. Karekano it is!

    I spent about 3 hours capturing random clips from the first 2 tapes. I basically nabbed anything which involved a lot of character movement (I was more than willing to stretch the definition of "dance" at this point). Popped open a few beers, and then decided on an attack plan; I had the Iron Chef competition at AWA coming up soon, so I would do this video Iron Chef style. 2 hours of editing, no more and no less.

    And that's basically what I did. I let a LOT of clips run on. That scene where Asaba rips off his shirt and then flashes of his chiselled chest are shown? No editing whatsoever. The looooong karaoke segment? One cut in the middle to insert a different clip. It's surprising how well it worked.

    Note the ass-wiggle with the pink background: I LOVE that, because that is the intro to the Karekano video that I am resuming work on expect to see it again! It's also an incredible bitch to edit, because in the show she only shakes her ass back and forth once...and the color of the background changes slightly when her hips wiggle from one side to the other.

    UPDATE: People don't seem to grasp this, so let me clarify here on exactly why the video starts suddenly and cuts off at the end: the DDR project was a massive collaborative project in which editors each made a video to an individual track from a long, non-stop mix of songs. Because the entire mix is continuous, each track in the mix cut off so it could be blended together with the other 30-odd videos in the mix.

    And yes, this is Hsien Lee of Kusoyaro Productions. I was so unhappy with the final product that I didn't want my name on the video, but it leaked out anyway. Blah.

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