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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: DDR Project 3rd Mix Track 03: The Race
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Captain Jack The Race
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  • Comments: This was the first track I chose to do on the DDR project. I decided early on that given the nature of the song (and the project in general), cheesy effects such as white flashes and lots of fades would be appropriate.

    I basically started work on the video by gathering all the footage I could find that contained racing. Very notable exceptions are Speed Racer and The Running Man (I think that's what it was called). I didn't think the old-fashioned art style of Speed Racer fit the techno music, and I thought The Running Man was a bit too dark. I also captured some scenes from the first episode of the old Lupin III TV series, but that turned out looking too old-fashioned as well.

    At first I was hoping to just use the race from the Utena Movie, since it fit the music perfectly, but it ended up not having nearly enough footage, given the fast pace of the song. A lot of people questioned my use of Cowboy Bebop in the middle...I personally think it works. I put in scenes that made it look like they were racing in "outer space," plus the footage itself gets the audience pumped up, which was my intention.

    My favorite parts of the video:
    When the car blows up in the Utena Movie, and then it cuts to the character from BGC 2040 playing the guitar.
    Right after the huge explosion at the end of the Bebop segment, when the "Are you ready?" and the hard techno beat start up again, set to a close-up of Kintaro's bike wheels. I love the energy of that scene.

    I made this on my old capture card (ATI All in Wonder 128) because my DC10+ was still giving me issues, and the (original) deadline for the project was coming up. I should have gone back and redone it after I got my DC10 working again. Oh well.

    UPDATE: People don't seem to grasp this, so let me clarify here on exactly why the video cuts off at the end: the DDR project was a massive collaborative project in which editors each made a video to an individual track from a long, non-stop mix of songs. Because the entire mix is continuous, each track in the mix cut off so it could be blended together with the other 30-odd videos in the mix.

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