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  • Member: Inertia
  • Studio: ManyLemons Productions
  • Title: Thisu Kissu
  • Premiered: 2004-03-12
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    • Faith Hill This Kiss
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  • Comments: This is my entry in the MinamiCon 10 AMV Compo, and true to the nature of the con it's a cute and happy affair, with a few visual jokes thrown in for fun. It's largely focused on the happier side of Yukino and Arima's relationship across the series, but in the end, it's lyric-matched, so the occasional other pops up too.

    It's one of my more straightforward videos, there's only a few digital touches, couple of overlays, some manual zoom/pans, and some tinkering with what /were/ zooms or pans, as well as a nifty reverse-engineered shot; see if you can guess which one.

    It's cut very cleanly despite fighting the munged fields in the source. The lipsync is barely even noticable, their mouths don't move much in karekano, heh. Sso it's only a halfhearted attempt in places, a few speed changes, nothing special, as such, I've not bothered checking it as lipsynced. I'm very happy with the timing on the whole, I tried to hone it as best I could.

    Software used, I decided to throw with the combination of VirtualDub, Ulead MediaStudio 8 and PaintShopPro 8, just to do a dance on the usual Adobe monopoly, heh.

    I'm happy with the results, and it's certainly seemed to get a few people interested in watching the series (as well they should be..)

    Should probably also mention this was a product of three days straight, and four 2l bottles of Dr Pepper; no sleep was involved at any point. Mostly because I misread the deadline and found out the real one.. 3 days before it was due, and I hadn't started :P As such it's lacking a lot of polish, and, well, any effects whatsoever XD

    Go me.

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