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  • Member: Nightowl
  • Studio: Nightowl Pictures
  • Title: Initial DDR (DDR Project)
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Wonderland
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  • Comments: Track 29 of the DDR Project. Once again, I'd like to publicly thank Brad DeMoss for deciding to start this project and allowing me to be a part of it. It was a lot of fun, and an amazing endeavor.

    Anyway, this is track 29, using Initial D set to Wonderland. After completeing "Oh Nick" and "Afronova," I decided that it would be prudent to use a very small amout of special effects. Or none at all. So, this is a straight cut video. Only there are well over 400 cuts for this just over 2 min. video. I just thought to myself, it's a dance video... if I'm not going to use flashy flashiness and pretty eye candy effect madness, I may as well keep the thing moving. It's only fair to the dancers! God bless em'...

    ANYWAY, I went with Initital D because... well, the song sounds like every piece of music that is put to a race in the show. It just works (thank you Scott Messer for bringing this to my attention... and providing DVDs).

    Of course, I didn't want this to be different somehow so, inspired by Jeff Heller, I went ahead and used some live action footage to give it more of a music video feel. Note: the people singing are the guys who do the opening to Initial D, so... yeah, no lip sync. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

    Note: The 5 seconds of no sound at the beginning and end denote requirements for transition between videos. In case you don't know, the DDR Project pioneered by Brad DeMoss took the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Megamix soundtrack - over an hour of non-stop music. Each editor did a different track (or two or three or four, if necessary). This is why the beginning and endings may seem abrupt.

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