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  • Member: Atvaark
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Animix track 152
  • Premiered: 2004-04-23
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  • Songs:
    • Interactive Forever Young
    • Scooter Hyper Hyper
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  • Comments: This is my contribution to the 5th and last part of Animix. I had already done tracks 10 & 11 in part 1.

    Since I was looking for a job at that time, I had plenty of time to experiment new effects, and I had the idea to use a 3d software to add some depth to 2d anime pictures. However, I wanted this AMV to be mostly synced to action, not to effects.
    So I came up with the idea of a non-intrusive effect, i.e. an effect which would add value to existing pictures without adding any new graphical element, and without touching colors and shapes. For those who have seen my AMV Anthem where almost no picture was left untouched, just consider it to be the fully opposite idea.

    This new (AFAIK) effect consists in separating distinct elements of a still picture onto distinct planes and moving the camera to create a depth effect. The last position of the camera shows the real picture (some maths and you get the right coordinates and zoom for that), then the real untouched scene begins and you say "whoa, how did he do that?". I also rendered the 3d scene with an alpha layer in order to manage the transition from previous scenes.
    This effect appears 3 times during the first song (Forever Young). Now, depending on the still picture you choose to add depth to, it can be very tricky to split the picture into planes, because you have to reconstitute hidden parts of the background. Sometimes, you can find other pictures with the same background and reconstitute the whole background. Still, sometimes you have an animated background. This is what happened with the scene I used where Kaneda crashes the motorcycle. I spent hours redrawing missing areas of the background. The result was great, you couldn't see any difference, but sadly I couldn't find any good place to put that effect in the final AMV. So I changed it a bit by making it pulse, but you almost can't see the background. Yet, only the result counts, and I did it that way because I think the result is good.

    I think this effect integrates so well with the rest of the anime that you don't see the amount of work needed to achieve it. Doesn't matter, I had fun making it. I also have some ideas to improve it, so I guess I'll use it again.

    Another part that required a LOT of invisible work was to remove a flying vehicle from the scene where the general talks in the stadium. Well, at least I hope that's invisible work...

    As you have seen / will see, this AMV is not a visual firework. That's the way I wanted it to be. Quieter than most Animix tracks, and more focusing on action (this is the kind of old-school AMVs I prefer -- I'm not a big fan of Euphoria). I hope the result is good, but I have watched these 26 seconds so many times that I can't tell anymore.


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