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  • Member: E-Ko
  • Studio: Manic Expressions
  • Title: Mars to Venus
  • Premiered: 2001-06-01
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  • Song:
    • Big-O feat. DJ Taka Gradiusic Syber - AMD 65 Mix (from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd mix OST, nonstop Megamix
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  • Comments: This video was a (forgetable) contribution to the Dance Dance Revolution Non-stop Megamix music video which premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 7.

    This video poorly portrays the relationship between Yushiro and Miharu (I had only seen the first 13 episodes when I created the video).

    I tried to incorporate a Mars-Venus motif into this video, not necessarily with Yushiro as Mars and Miharu as Venus. Rather, both of them start the video with Mars-type roles (fighters) and progress to Venus-type roles (lovers) as the video progresses. Towards the middle of the video, scenes of Yushiro and Miharu running are juxtaposed with battle scenes to indicate that they are running from their former lives as soldiers. In hindsight, I kinda goofed. I should have had back-views of running juxtiposed with battle scenes to indicate that they were running away from their Mars roles and front-views of running juxtiposed with sentimental scenes between Yushiro and Miharu(hard to come by in Gasaraki) to indicate that they were running towards Venus roles.

    I couldn't find the right scenes, so I had to fudge the end.

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