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  • Member: D. Shimare
  • Title: What is...Love?
  • Premiered: 2001-09-29
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  • Songs:
    • Inu-Yasha OST Fox Demon Shippo
    • Sarah McLaughlin Possession
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  • Comments: Well, I got the idea for this video about two months ago. I guess you could say that I listen to Possession WAAAAAAAYYY too much. If you combine that with the fact that Im currently nearly obsessed with
    Inu-Yasha, youll get this video. Scary isnt it?

    This is the first music video I have ever made, and it took... a week and a half. Something like that. Of course, it DID help that I cut the last verse and chorus of the song out.

    This is also the first time Ive ever used Adobe Premiere, and after I figured out how the hell the transitions worked I was ok. However, my computer does NOT like Premiere. At ALL. So sometimes... When I tried to export... It would.. oh.. come up with an error message >.<

    The quality is pretty good I think...Except for the weird frames that Premiere decided to put in when I rendered it. >.< Grey static looking frames. Anyone know how to get around that?

    A last minute addition was a "Thanks goes to..." bit. I was in a good mood when I finished that. I wasnt by the time I cut out subtitles and tried to export it about five times to see what worked best.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy and gimme some comments!
    Need input! Need input!

    Adobe Premiere 6.0 is disgusted with my computer and refuses to export to DIV3 or DIVx.. Soooo... Here's a link to the Angelpotion codec I ended up using if you have problems viewing my video.. *sigh*.. Youll probably also need DivX...since this codec is a sort of offshoot...


    Download hits before I took it offline: 96.

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