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  • Member: monthenor
  • Title: Queen Ayame of the Yakuza
  • Premiered: 2004-02-16
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    • Kill Bill Queen of the Crime Syndicate
    • Kill Bill Showdown at House of Blue Leaves
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  • Comments: I'm beginning to see a pattern with my AMV releases. It seems that twice a year I am consumed with a burninating desire to put an AMV idea into action. Until this thought is complete, nothing else matters...not homework, not video games, not even food. This, then, is my 2004 winter release, that I might have peace until the summer.

    I know, I know, Rurouni Kenshin is used quite a bit around here. I'm not usually about doing what's already been done, but if you look at my other videos you'll note that I can take a cliche (DBZ, slipknot) and turn it into something fresh and new. This is all according to plan. So if I'm willing to use the big RK in something, it's got to be really damn good.

    That's why this video is not about swords. It's not about Kaoru/Kenshin. It's not about jumping really high, running really fast, or the magical fighting power of friendship. It IS about Yakuza, but only tangentially.

    All footage is taken from the first DVD of Rurouni Kenshin. Half of the audio is from the Kill Bill soundtrack and half is from the Kill Bill movie itself. That was the part that was *ahem* difficult to acquire.

    By their powers combined, they form an exploration of the Oren Ishii/Sophie Fatale dynamic, using Ayame and Suzume to best comedic advantage. Also, I played around with lipsynching techniques and an extended riceball metaphor. At just under two minutes, this vid is small enough for everybody to download and quick enough to watch during class or commercials. Even if you hate RK or Kill Bill, there's really no reason you shouldn't download this...if it's really bad, you can swear at it, or me, or something.

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