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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: DDR 3rd Mix Project: Track 13 (Captain Jack)
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Captain Jack Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)
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  • Comments: NOTE!!! This was one track in a series of dozens, which made up the Dance Dance Revolution non-stop 3rd mix which was edited for Anime Weekend Atlanta 7 by many different editors. The video begins 5 seconds before my clip, and ends 5 seconds after my clip. This is intentional, and should not be viewed as a mistake. The abrupt beginning and end are due entirely to the nature of this video as being part of a whole, cut out of the middle.

    - Mac G4
    - JVC HR-S3600U SVHS VCR
    - Sony Media Converter

    Final Cut Pro 1.2
    Abobe Photoshop 4.0
    Tsunami MPEG Encoder (TMPGEnc)

    This was the first track I volunteered to do for the DDR Project. I love Captain Jack's music, and leapt at the chance to get one of his songs for the collaboration. I had a great time making this video, and I feel that this is the best lip sync work I ever did. I think it's perhaps some of the best lip sync around, in fact. I'm extremely pleased with the lip sync. My "Hungry Like the Wolf" video has pretty good lip sync, but some problems like jittering frames and a few little flaws. I worked on the lip sync in this Captain Jack track for over a month to make sure it came out as smoothly as possible. The most difficult lip sync was the first one: "Forward march!" There's spit flying out of his mouth. I had to isolate frames which would allow him to seem to speak the words WITHOUT messing up the spittle effect. That took more work than anyone should ever have to waste on spit.

    Tank Police isn't one of the most frequently employed sources, which is partly why I used it. I wanted to do something different from everyone else on the project. Having 3 or 4 Ranma or Tenchi tracks wouldn't do. So I looked elsewhere. When I thought about the voice of Captain Jack, and that drill instructor attitude, it didn't take long for me to come across Brenten in my memory. He looked exactly like I would imagine Captain Jack to look. And that epiphany was all it took. So I ordered the DVD from and got down to business.

    All in all, I feel this was my best work in the DDR Project. It's the only track I didn't have to rush through willy-nilly. The other three I worked on where all last-minute things I took charge of when others dropped the ball or fell out of contact at critical times. They turned out good, but I feel like this one turned out really excellent.

    I'd appreciate any reviews! ^_^ Thanks.

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