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  • Member: rogueintellectproductions
  • Studio: rogueintellectproductions
  • Title: Start the Commotion!?
  • Premiered: 2004-03-12
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    • Wiseguys Start the Commotion
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  • Comments: Well, this is my first AMV, and hopefully, it will debut at Tekkoshocon 2004. It's a quickened recap of the forbidden, uber-over 26th and final episode of Excel Saga, set to the Wiseguys Start the Commotion. The whole thought was, "Wait, NOW we're starting the commotion? Isn't it a little late?"

    If you're familiar with the episode, you know it doesn't pull any punches. Neither does the video, so consider yourself forewarned that there is a lot of BLOOD and implied SEX, but it is NOT hentai! Let's call it "American Pie"-rated, if you will.

    (No movies have authorized the use of their names in any metaphors I may make.)

    I used a little gem of an editor called VideoFactory 2.0 for this video. Back then it was released by Sonic Foundry, and there may still be demos for it out there. Sony publishes the 3.0 version under the name Screenblast (I upgraded after the jackass trailer.) It's like, Premiere Lite, and has a good learning curve and a decent supply of crossfades and effects. Most of the work I put into this video involved time-stretching the footage, but there are a couple of overlays, transitions, and the whole flashback scene was edited using the fun little film effects filter (look for an entire video like that soon). I used an nVidia GeForce card to capture the footage off of a portable DVD player. Thankfully it doesn't show here, but I goofed when I captured-I captured at 640x480 instead of 720x480. When I rendered, I sent it to 720x480, so, with the exception of a few "stretch marks" which I'm sure will show on the big screen, I'm happy with the outcome. It'll show up in my text effects in the next video, but that's another story and I've already bored you to tears.

    Thanks much!

    2nd Place, Comedy - Tekkoshocon 2004 AMV Contest (unofficial)
    Honorable Mention - The AuN Studios First Annual First Video Contest

    To quote Bakadeshi of AuN - Very good timing, but I think all the blood and questionable content didn't go well with the judges. Neverless, the effort and scene matching in this video is deserving of a Mention here.

    If you like blood and questionable content...

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