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  • Member: dussydelf
  • Title: AniMix 124
  • Premiered: 2004-02-04
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  • Song:
    • E-Rotic Max don't have sex with your ex
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  • Comments: This is my second contribution to the Animix project! You can see it compiled into part 4 of Animix:

    I completed this track in September 2003, but part 4 of AniMix took forever to be complete and I kind of re-discovered my work in February. ^^;

    I wanted to follow the lyrics of the song, "Max, don't have sex with your ex!" sung by a woman. The image of Kaori shouting and hitting Ryo the womanizer came to my mind, and I decided to use the only DVD I owned of City Hunter: "Good bye my Sweetheart".

    The editing is really "old-school", no fancy effects and flashing colors, just scene cuts (some of them a few frames long only), some speeding up, and a few frame editing in Paint which, I hope, will not be visible! ^O^ The result is a simple yet enjoyable story, without too much ecchi in it, and Kaori hitting Ryo on every drum-beat!

    I spent a couple weeks making this short AMV, I hope you'll have fun watching it! And watch Animix, the best multicreator project ever!!! ^O^

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