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  • Member: drewondrums
  • Title: Little Fighter - Neji
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • White Lion Little Fighter
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  • Comments: This is my first attempt at an AMV, don't laugh or I'll cry.

    After long searching for AMVs of just Neji, and my long almost homosexual obsession,
    I decided to take fate into my own hands and do it myself. (Fate? Neji? Get it?)

    All-in-all, it took my about a week of neglecting my studies, girlfriend, friends, and other nutative responsibilities and I came out with this. I'm kinda proud of it and it actually came out pretty good - and I'm re-stressing ... for a first try =).

    I apologize for the large file size, I'm not good at the xvid filtering yet. Basically its my first attempted compression using virtualdub. Anything better would be the raw 2 GIG file i have sitting on my hard-drive =D.

    I just hope this vid is able to convey to the viewer how great a character Neji is, not to mention the bad-ass kick-ass that he obviously is.

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