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  • Member: Takefuji
  • Studio: <*~*~*AMV's By Takefuji *~*~*>
  • Title: Kurama - Tourniquet
  • Premiered: 2004-03-26
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    • Evanescence Tourniquet
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  • Comments: O.O Wow . . . apparently, Kurama + Evanescence = Popularity

    This was the first AMV I had intended on making, but got around to being the fourth . . . I don't know how that happened . . .

    This video took the longest of mine to make. A really long time, mainly because I got really fed up with Movie Maker after about . . . a month. The program freezes every time a clip is added, cropped, deleted, etc. I need another program, something simple like WMM, but one that actually runs properly >.<

    The clips I used were random clips from my favourite battle scenes. I timed the clips to the music as best I can. And to the lyrics, like the whole "I'm dying, praying, bleeding, and screaming" part, and also for the end, with the lyrics going "My wounds cry for the grave My soul cries for Deliverance, will I be denied? Christ, Tourniquet, my suicide" I found clips that fit them as well.

    I guess this video has meaning to it. How Kurama is too lost to be saved from his Youko self, regretting things that he has done in the past. I used the clips from Youko's first appearance in the series to match the "Do you remember me? Lost for so long" part, because the Youko has managed to stay confined in Shuiichi's body for years. In a way, Kurama's soul does cry for Deliverance, for forgiveness for what he has done in past. It will eventually be up to Kurama, whether he's denied Salvation or not.

    I enjoyed making this video, up to the point when I threw a shoe at the monitor when it froze on me for the umptieth time. A lot of effort was put into this, and I hope you enjoy it!

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